Heidi » Guys are like that, I know, I used to be one.
Lana » Im trying to translate these words can anyone help me? ...> tainu is din layi paal pos ke wada kita si!!
Lana » tainu is din layi paal pos ke wada kita si!!
Lana » tainu is din layi paal pos ke wada kita si!!
shelley » tainu is din layi paal pos ke wada kita si!!
besatree » your site = im in love. just perfect. keep it up.
Canada » haha... love the site... wow some people are just stupid, like the famous quote says "ignorance can be change, but stupidity is forever" haha... keep it up!
SPG » LOL! I love this site! I'm posting a link to this on my site "what not to do if you're a guy"
Timber » I should browse Yahoo chats looking for you under some false name... I'd put up a good fight for your 'womanly affections'! But i'd be soooo much better. Might not be as pleasing if 'faked'...
newsandrumor » I have seen women occasionally post PM conversations in a chat room, but never a permanent page. Really the pm's dialogue would make a better chat room, yahoo could dump about 1/2 it's rooms.
Anthony » (Part 2/2) Great site, keep up the good work, and maybe... one day chat sites will be cleansed of all the filth. but no, that would make you redundant (lol)
Anthony » Wow rowan what can I say, you certainly give those freaks over at yahoo chat the runaround. I used to use yahoo when I was studying multimedia (about 6 years ago) but now its just full of sad people
Shelly » First of all, thanks for giving me a link, you didn't have to, but it's really cool that you did! Secondly, please say you're gonna add some new convos soon! They're absolutely hilarious! You rock!
Rowan » Wicked cool, Shelly. I love links! When I get back to the house, I'll give you a link back
Shelly » Absolutely love your blog! I linked you on my own...I hope that's okay with you, if not...just let me know.
Rowan » Erhm... no, it's actually bypassing it through the liver. Or something.
Frankie Foo Foo » Good stuff!
Chlorine » Oh. =) AIM chatrooms are the best to bash kids in.
lacey » is that q-tip piercing the tympanic membrane?! not good, not good at all
Grim Reaper » p.s. i am ScubaChick16
Grim Reaper » lol hey i love your answer to asl! way to go girl! that is the way to go i do the same often! your site is awsome ok well ttyl!
silentrain » teh whole thing was really fun reading.. in a sense enlightening.. some thing like a mirrour the way i taked on net and like that.. kep goin.. im a ajournalist boy 23 from india