Entry: The Wizard of Ick Sunday, February 04, 2007

When Ben first messaged me, it was a series of offline messages that I neglected to save, unfortunately.  Within these, he called me "his pretty" and said that he missed me.

Riiight... So when I got a reply to the "do I know you message", it just so happened that I was heading off to cook some din din, so The Girlchild took over.  She kills me!

skullsnbows: Um... do I know you?
ben400: now we having meet ok
ben400: how was day
ben400: l am williams or ben
ben400: are you there
skullsnbows: Hello?
ben400: hi
skullsnbows: hi
ben400: so how u donni
skullsnbows: I'm Sheila, not Donni. But I'm alright. A little on the sad side though.
ben400: l am going through ur profile u looking cuite
skullsnbows: Thank you! I'm using a special ointment.
ben400: ok
ben400: that is great to hear
ben400: u looking for pretty
skullsnbows: I'm looking for my pileggi. Have you seen it?
ben400: no
ben400: pretty
skullsnbows: Yes, it is pretty.
skullsnbows: Where are you from?
ben400: were is ur location now
skullsnbows: I'm in an underground cellar. I'm afraid of trees.
ben400: my is nevanda
ben400: what
skullsnbows: What?
ben400: can u come again pretty
skullsnbows: Come where? I don't like to leave my cellar.
ben400: do u hav apic of ur
skullsnbows: My what?
ben400: ur pic
ben400: still coming up
ben400: ohhhhhhhhhhh that is so wonderful pic of my babe
ben400: u so sweet babe
ben400: u loooking good
ben400: l love u
ben400: ur name pls
skullsnbows: Maricella
ben400: that is nice name hun
ben400: ur location pretty
skullsnbows: Thanks. I was named after my Great Great Great Grandfather's hampster
ben400: lol
ben400: that was a very wonderful story to hear pretty
ben400: such a lovelly name
skullsnbows: Gracias, gracias.
skullsnbows: Would you like some beef flavored lime jello?
ben400: l do hun
skullsnbows: I gotta go, I'll be back later.
ben400: ohhhhhhhhh pretty why
skullsnbows: It's dinner time.
ben400: how long will it take u
ben400: ok pretty
skullsnbows: About half an hour
skullsnbows: Bye now.
ben400: that is great
ben400: ok
ben400: see u soon


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