Entry: I think the blood must have drained out of his head... Sunday, August 07, 2005

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bigdickforu: how are you doing

ROWAN: Fine, thanks.

bigdickforu: thats good

bigdickforu: so you live in bluefield

ROWAN: When I'm in the state.

bigdickforu: i live in bluefield

ROWAN: Do you really?

bigdickforu: yes

ROWAN: How very novel. Ever been to Ireland?

bigdickforu: nope

bigdickforu: your very very sexy

bigdickforu: you know that lol

bigdickforu: if you don't mind me saying

ROWAN: Yes. I know.

ROWAN: I eat lots of jello. Good for the complexion.


bigdickforu: it works

bigdickforu: your a hottie

ROWAN: That's what all the girls say.

bigdickforu: nice tongue ring too lol

ROWAN: I have a tongue ring?! Holy shit - I was wondering what that was.

bigdickforu: lol

bigdickforu: i don't have any pics just cam

ROWAN: You should get a camera, then. They're handy.

bigdickforu: ok

ROWAN: Aren't you cold?

bigdickforu: no lol

ROWAN: Better be careful, your Mom might walk in.

bigdickforu: lol

bigdickforu: no

bigdickforu: i'm 21

ROWAN: The classic 21.

bigdickforu: just looking for an woman older than me to have sex with

bigdickforu: i love older woman like u lol


bigdickforu: i do lol

ROWAN: So, have you had any luck with this approach before?

bigdickforu: yes but none of them where close to me

ROWAN: They were actually willing to have sex with you.

bigdickforu: yes

bigdickforu: most woman would lol

ROWAN: I guess that explains why you're messaging random women in hopes of getting

bigdickforu: i was just chatting lol

ROWAN: Come on, you're not fooling anyone with that username.

bigdickforu: its true

bigdickforu: it is big

ROWAN: I MEANT that you don't give yourself a user name like that and expect women to
believe all you want to do is chat.

bigdickforu: yeah i understand

bigdickforu: your right sorry

bigdickforu: i'm sorry i'm a freak like that

ROWAN: Hell, I knew that when you first messaged me.

bigdickforu: lol

bigdickforu: nice pic

ROWAN: Thanks.

bigdickforu: when are you going to be in bluefield

ROWAN: Tomorrow.

bigdickforu: thats cool

bigdickforu: do you like younger men

ROWAN: Yes, especially with a nice Chianti and same fava beans.

bigdickforu: lol ok

bigdickforu: thats me

ROWAN: What is?

bigdickforu: i said what you describe was me lol

ROWAN: You're beans and wine?

bigdickforu: no

bigdickforu: lol

ROWAN: That's what I described.

bigdickforu: oklol

bigdickforu: you live alone or are you dating anybody

ROWAN: I don't live alone. I have 2 kids, a dog, 4 cats, a ferret, a snake, an oscar, a
convict, and sometimes a mouse.

bigdickforu: lol

ROWAN: I'm not dating anyone now, I'm on the computer.

bigdickforu: oh ok

bigdickforu: your a MILF

ROWAN: No, I'm Irish and Cherokee.

bigdickforu: lol i was just saying

bigdickforu: you could have viewed my cam moew

bigdickforu: more

ROWAN: I felt like a child molester. Plus, I only needed a glimpse to know what you looked

bigdickforu: no your not

bigdickforu: you think i look alright

ROWAN: I think a good meal wouldn't kill you.

bigdickforu: child molester is like 15, 16

bigdickforu: i do eat

ROWAN: That's good. You should eat more.

bigdickforu: i eat alot of things

bigdickforu: i'm just a skinny guy

ROWAN: Please, do NOT say it.

bigdickforu: i wasn't lol

ROWAN: You look fine.

bigdickforu: thank you

bigdickforu: you do too

ROWAN: It's the witchcraft.

bigdickforu: no

bigdickforu: you put a spell on me lol


ROWAN: I think you just have a humiliation fetish. Besides, we only do white magic.

bigdickforu: lol oh ok

bigdickforu: so your a sexy witch uh

ROWAN: That's me.

bigdickforu: i come up and you can put any spell on me

ROWAN: Have you been getting the impression that I'm like, interested in you?

bigdickforu: not really

bigdickforu: i wish though

ROWAN: Sorry to disappoint... but honestly, you didn't have much of a chance to begin with.
I have a girlfriend.

bigdickforu: oh ok

bigdickforu: but if i did i could join both of you

bigdickforu: i would do anything you and her wanted

ROWAN: Oh my God yes... I will come get you tomorrow. I need my fence repaired and the
front porch painted, and she needs a new back windshield put in her convertible.

bigdickforu: you both let me join in lol

bigdickforu: i will be your little handy man lol

ROWAN: Oh no, you said you'd do anything we wanted. Home repairs are what we want.

ROWAN: Well, I've gotta go outside and dance around a fire naked now - gotta offer up a
sacrifice to Bast. So you have a good night, and try not to annoy too many women on the

bigdickforu: ok

bigdickforu: if you ever change your mind i'll be here

bigdickforu: witch is never


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