Entry: A male from West Virginia... what are the odds?! Friday, July 29, 2005

bikerman: Hello there ,I am a male from wv!
ROWAN: Hi! I'm a female from hell!
bikerman: lol i hear ya!!
bikerman: i seen you was on thought i would say hello!
ROWAN: Do we know each other?
bikerman: no i dont think so
ROWAN: Oh, the way you said it, I thought I must be on your list or something.
bikerman: no i just seen you on line !
ROWAN: I see.
bikerman: I live between hinton and athens
bikerman: i am 44 male !
bikerman: married male that is lol
ROWAN: Congratulations.
ROWAN: Incidentally, your profile says you are 47.
bikerman: lol just about forgot lol
bikerman: where are you?
ROWAN: In my bedroom.
ROWAN: What did you just about forget?
bikerman: cool nice to meet ya!
bikerman: about me been married! lol
ROWAN: You forgot you were married?
bikerman: just kidding!
ROWAN: Swell.
bikerman: you married? kids?
ROWAN: I'm divorced, have two teenagers.
bikerman: cool!
bikerman: well nice to meet ya!
ROWAN: Likewise.
bikerman: where in wv you live if i may ask!
ROWAN: Bluefield
bikerman: cool not to far from me!
ROWAN: Not too.
bikerman: i am that way some!
ROWAN: Is that so?
bikerman: yep
bikerman: can i add ya?
bikerman: hell i dont know lol
bikerman: just thought i would ask! but thats ok!
ROWAN: I don't add people unless I know them fairly well. I'm paranoid, and don't like to be watched. Comes from all those years in the CIA.
bikerman: i understand!
ROWAN: Parle vouz Francais?
bikerman: do what??
ROWAN: Okay, I guess not.
bikerman: ok
ROWAN: So what made you want to talk to me?
bikerman: well i seen you on line
bikerman: and your a female lol
ROWAN: I am? Oh yeah... I forgot.
bikerman: lol i hear ya!
ROWAN: You have good hearing!
bikerman: well i have to go nice talking to ya! hope to talk to ya again!
ROWAN: Highly doubtful, I'm having my tongue split.
bikerman: ok cool!


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