Entry: Wine me, dine me, 69 me. Saturday, May 28, 2005

rowan : I'm a little old for you, don't you think?
 athleticdude69 : nah, getting caught up on age is superficial in my opinion
 athleticdude69 : why, what do u think?
 rowan : I think that maturity has a lot to do with it.
 athleticdude69 : i concur.....however, i feel as if im mature as any 30 year old i speak with
 athleticdude69 : so its no issue with me
 rowan : Well, I've got five years on you. And, I have a girlfriend.

That was just a tiny little fib.  I don't really have a girlfriend.

 athleticguy69_webcam : 5 years is nothing
 athleticguy69_webcam : are you bisexual?
 rowan : Yes.
 athleticguy69_webcam : you have incredibly sexy eyes
 athleticguy69_webcam : and the tongue ring is always enticing
 rowan : You're just looking to get laid. 
 athleticguy69_webcam : to make new friends...that never hurts though?
 athleticguy69_webcam : not judgemental are we
 rowan : No, just perceptive. Remember your profile pic? And gee, the 69_webcam is a dead giveaway.

Why don't they just say "I like oral sex and I want to show you my penis on webcam."?  At least you'd know they were honest.

 athleticguy69_webcam : didnt like the pic ?
 rowan : Did I say anything about liking or not liking it? Anyone who isn't trying to get a piece of ass wouldn't put a pic like that on their profile.
 athleticguy69_webcam : you have some truth im not going to lie...its also a good attention getter though
 athleticguy69_webcam : back to my question, did u like it?
 rowan : Do you think I do?
 athleticguy69_webcam : yea i do now, otherwise you wouldve already said no lol
 rowan : I'm not rude. 
 athleticguy69_webcam : so you didnt...?
 rowan : I don't like those type of pics. I feel you should know someone before you see them half naked.
 athleticguy69_webcam : oh...im just more laid back with nudity...its no big deal anywhere in the world except u.s.
 rowan : You should have a little more respect for other people. 
 athleticguy69_webcam : yes ma'am, all you had to say was not interested
 rowan : I told you. You didn't listen. Sorry.



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