Entry: Another Boychild Adventure Thursday, May 26, 2005

rowan (9:40:53 PM): Hey there
sadstory (9:41:01 PM): i am 24/m/uk
sadstory (9:41:01 PM): u?
rowan (9:41:23 PM): I have a nice tongue, how's that work?
sadstory (9:41:35 PM): i saw it
rowan (9:41:55 PM): You like huh?
sadstory (9:42:11 PM): ya
rowan (9:43:48 PM): I like it too..
sadstory (9:43:53 PM): cool
sadstory (9:43:56 PM): do u have cam?
rowan (9:44:13 PM): No I don't, in fact. Cuteguyyy asked me the same question.
sadstory (9:44:48 PM): u have another pics
rowan (9:45:08 PM): I have a cucumbers
sadstory (9:45:28 PM): can i see it
rowan (9:45:46 PM): My cucumbers?
sadstory (9:45:50 PM): ya
rowan (9:45:53 PM): I have a pool tables too! Wanna see them?
sadstory (9:46:18 PM): ya
sadstory (9:46:19 PM): lol
rowan (9:46:27 PM): Think it's funny do you?
sadstory (9:46:36 PM): no
rowan (9:46:40 PM): I can't show either. I have no way to. That's why I have that little animation girl there
rowan (9:46:47 PM): That's as close to the real life me.
sadstory (9:46:51 PM): ok
rowan (9:47:05 PM): 5 out of 4 people ask me that question. Those same people don't know how to count.
sadstory (9:47:26 PM): ya
sadstory (9:47:27 PM): may be
rowan (9:47:55 PM): Some don't know how to put words together correctly either.
sadstory (9:48:06 PM): ya
rowan (9:56:58 PM): I've seen your picture on the Yahoo Personals bar. You must be rich or something to have your own banner.

FYI:  This guy's profile picture was the picture of the man in the Yahoo Personals ads.  What a lameo.

sadstory (9:57:11 PM): no i am not rich
rowan (9:57:57 PM): Sorry, should not have judged the book by it's cover. How nice it must be to have your picture on yahoo's banners


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