Entry: Featuring... The Boychild Thursday, May 26, 2005

rowan (9:40:28 PM): Hello
 thanhtuan (9:44:18 PM): yes i,m here
 rowan (9:44:45 PM): I am here too.
 rowan (9:44:55 PM): Did we go to different schools together by chance?
 thanhtuan (9:46:05 PM): i do not understand what you say
 thanhtuan (9:46:19 PM): where are you now
 rowan (9:47:39 PM): I am in the bedroom.
 thanhtuan (9:48:27 PM): but you live in USA ORE VIET NAM
 rowan (9:48:59 PM): I live in Vietnam. It's this whole other country.
 thanhtuan (9:49:26 PM): in HCM OR HA NOI
 rowan (9:49:51 PM): What's the place that them there Americans bombed?
 thanhtuan (9:51:03 PM): NO there are in viet nam
 rowan (9:51:39 PM): You have no right to scream at me Mister. I merely asked you a question. Let me ask you another. This time be nice. Are you in Vietnam??
 thanhtuan (9:52:33 PM): no i living in American (California)
 rowan (9:53:48 PM): I am living in Vietnam.  Very close to China, only not. It's kinda like Coke too! Only not.. I live in De wang
 rowan (9:53:57 PM): I mean, De nang
 thanhtuan (9:54:43 PM): you live in Da Nang that is Hoi An
 rowan (9:55:44 PM): I don't live in De nang. I am here right now.
 thanhtuan (9:57:20 PM): oh De nang where about in Viet nam
 rowan (9:58:37 PM): As in where do I actually live?
 thanhtuan (10:01:36 PM): one time i ask you where are you living now in the world
 rowan (10:01:51 PM): Yes, I am living in the world.
 thanhtuan (10:03:49 PM): oh if you say this way i'm very bore
 rowan (10:04:29 PM): You're a large mammal with lots of fur? I never said that!
 thanhtuan (10:07:16 PM): yes i know but i want to know you live in viet nam or Amer because i love Viet nam i want to visit Viet nam
 rowan (10:07:39 PM): I told you I live in Vietnam.
 thanhtuan (10:09:47 PM): Oh where is about in viet nam?
 rowan (10:10:05 PM): There is no . in Vietnam.
 rowan (10:10:30 PM): Oh wait, that was just a bug on my screen.
 rowan (10:10:44 PM): Are you coming to Vietnam?
 rowan (10:10:50 PM): Can you bring jello?
 thanhtuan (10:11:32 PM): yes next week i come viet nam
 thanhtuan (10:12:02 PM): what jello?
 rowan (10:12:18 PM): Really? I will tell my uncle Fox. He is going to make a cake for the starving victims of Crabtree Circle.
 rowan (10:13:05 PM): I have to go bathe my tulips now.
 thanhtuan (10:17:57 PM): Really


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