I like to get in Yahoo chat rooms from time to time and chat a bit. But when you're female, you're bound to get the not-so-occasional sex freak who wants to... well, use your imagination. It used to annoy the heck out of me. I mean, who do they think they're fooling with the 69 in their usernames? But I started looking forward to getting messages from weirdos. Why? Because they're so darn fun to mess with! And of course, you just can't keep insanity like that to yourself, so... for your viewing pleasure:


Note: Names have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".


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Saturday, May 14, 2005

My turn.

I went to a Washington DC chatroom, which is chock full of guys wanting to a.) marry you, b.) get into your pants, or c.) both.  I got alot of hits today, So I'm going to share a few.  My comments are in this color. This first one was kinda boring for the first part, so I cut it a little.

sad654: i love you for frist look
Me: I'm flattered.
sad654: yes
sad654: i love you
sad654: where live
Me: Virginia
sad654: i am really i love
Me: I love ham.
sad654: really
Me: Yes.  Ham is hammy.
sad654: ok
sad654: :*
Me: It is.
sad654: i love you
Me: awww..How sweet.  You don't even know my name and you love me.  And I can't tell you my name either.
sad654: why
sad654: you my lover now

 (Pardon me?!)

sad654: hi
Me: umm...No.  Just because we've had a nice conversation and you've supposedly fallen in love with me does not mean we are lovers.  You never stopped to ask me if I had a boyfriend or anything.
sad654: i love you
Me: So does someone else.
sad654: who from
sad654: but i love you
Me: He's loved me longer.
sad654: really
Me: Yes
sad654: i can add you
Me: NO.  He wouldn't like it very much.
Me: But I can offer you a slightly used Q-tip.

(Had to)

sad654: ok
sad654: i want you i love you more
Me: I'm sorry.  He brings me jello every day.  THere's nothing better than that.
sad654: please i want add you please i love you i can please
Me: My pillegi says no.
sad654: please
sad654: i need you
sad654: please
Me: No.
sad654: ok
sad654: ok
sad654: but i love you
Me: There's someone else out there for you.  I've found the one.  You need to look elsewhere.  You don't love me.
sad654: i want go with you

(Tarzan love Jane!)

sad654: nooooooooooooo
sad654: i love you
sad654: you onlly
sad654: i love you
sad654: truthful me
sad654: i love you
Me: Oh stop it.
sad654: why i love you

(Not very good at taking hints is he?)

Me: I have to go and help my boyfriend with dinner.  Just have some beef-flavored lime jello and you'll feel better.
sad654: how
Me: It brainwashes you.  Just make sure you don't drink milk with it.  you will implode.
sad654: how
Me: Chemical reaction
Me: Goodbye.

After this, he requested to add me, which I denied, and ignored him. 

Me: Hello.
assikri: hello
assikri: how r u
assikri: asl plz

(The next person who asks me this will get a blade in the throat.  I've got plenty.)

Me: I'm okay.
Me: 43 female, Louisiana
assikri: good
assikri: w r doing in life
Me: Living.
assikri: ok
Me: Isn't that what you usually do in life?
assikri: i play soccer and worm in office
assikri: ok
assikri: sorry
Me: You worm in an office? What's like that? Is there a lot of dirt?
assikri: work
Me: Ohhhhh.....okay.
assikri: but u teach me now
assikri: ok
assikri: thank u
assikri: more
assikri: more
Me: Our first lesson will be : Typing, keeping both hands on the keyboard.
assikri: englich not my first languge
Me: Mine either. I'm a test tube baby from Roswell. My first language isn't pronouncable by humans.
assikri: french ok

(French?  Where the heck did he get french?)

assikri: u have cam
Me: no, it isn't pronouncable by humans. 
Me: no, but I do have some ham. I like ham.

I was busy today.  hehe

Me: Hello
gaurav2001: how r u
gaurav2001: seems busy
gaurav2001: ?????????????//
Me: I'm fine.
gaurav2001: ur asl is....


Me: 43, female, Germany.
gaurav2001: ok
gaurav2001: can i see u

(It depends.  How good is your eyesight?)

gaurav2001: iam 24 m usa
Me: THere's a picture on my profile.
gaurav2001: u look good
Me: Thank you.
gaurav2001: r u married
Me: Gosh no! Boys have cooties!
gaurav2001: hey
gaurav2001: hey
gaurav2001: hey
gaurav2001: iam male
gaurav2001: theyr good
gaurav2001: may be u havent get nay one like me yet
gaurav2001: :"> 
Me: They are quite nice with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.
Me: But of course, you have to boil them first to get rid of the cooties.

This one was also cut off. And for some reason the font is being stupid.

swaheedb: whre u live at
Me: Virginia
swaheedb: oh k
swaheedb: which part in Va
Me: The part with a lot of coal.
swaheedb: oh for real
Me: Yes. I wouldn't lie.  It's not polite.
swaheedb: oh i c
swaheedb: so wht u do for living?
Me: I own a veterinary practice.
swaheedb: oh that kool
swaheedb: so u living your own

(Can't have someone live for me, now can I?)

Me: No, I have a lot of pets and a pillegi.
swaheedb: oh ok
Me: But my pillegi is lost. I tried giving it some beef flavored lime jello and it ran away.
swaheedb: so how u gonna find

(Is there no such thing as grammar any more?)

Me: I'll ask the great Garfelt to help me in my search.
swaheedb: oh that kool
Me: yes.
swaheedb: so u single
Me: No, I have many personalities. I'm great fun at parties.
swaheedb: tht great


So there was my entertainment for the day.  It doesn't live up to Rowan's work, but she has been in the business longer.  Upon leaving, I would like to say, that this took me for-freaking-ever to colorize and stuff because I'm not computer literate like the rest of the people in my family.

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The Return of Graham Gump

A few days ago I posted a conversation between myself and this randy kid named graham who went on about how much he wanted his old girlfriend, Jennie back.  Well, it seems he has a case of short term memory loss, or else he's tried to get it on with so many girls he can't keep track, because he messaged me AGAIN. 

graham: Hello, 20\m\wv "Bluefield" w\ cam
Rowan: Hold on, I'll go get Jennie.
graham: huh?
Rowan: She's in the next room. Just a second.
graham: jennie who?
graham: peale?
Rowan: You can't remember her last name, even?
graham: i don't think she wants to talk to me
graham: cuz kev is w\ her now
Rowan: Yeah, well doe she know?
graham: who is this?
Rowan: Come on, is your memory THAT short?
graham: yep....LoL
Rowan: Guess that's what happens when you try and give away your "young DICK" to every local girl you can find on Yahoo.
graham: haha very funny
Rowan: I know, I'm a riot, aren't I?
graham: yep
graham: LoL
Rowan: Maybe you should keep a list of those you've tried it with already... you know, so you don't look like an idiot.
graham: LoL
graham: what r u doing this even?
Rowan: I just told you that you look like an idiot. And you're still talking to me?
graham: yea
Rowan: Boy, no wonder she broke up with you.
graham: shut up
graham: thats not right
Rowan: Neither is going around asking strangers if they want some dick. You think that's nice? Is this the kind of person that you think Jennie would want to be with?
graham: just one question.....who r u?
Rowan: See, if you'd made that list, you would know.
graham: just fucken tell me
graham: plzz
Rowan: You sent me a message, you must know who you're talking to.
Rowan: Or do you want to cam for just anyone?
graham: do u have a cam?
Rowan: Why do you ask?
graham: just askin
graham: i would like to see u
Rowan: Oh, you are just too much.
graham: tell me ur first name
Rowan: How about.... no.
graham: u in minn?
graham: or wv?
Rowan: Does it matter?
graham: no just askin
Rowan: Okay

What a freaking retard.

Posted at 11:02 pm by Rowan
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Resq Me!

blue italics = my comments
maroon italics =
The Girlchild's comments

fireresq: care to chat
rowan: Sure, what's going on?
fireresq: hurting and drug up
rowan: What happened?
fireresq: broke ankle
rowan: Ouch, how did that happen?
fireresq: martial arts class
fireresq: so tell me about u
rowan: Sorry to hear that.
rowan: Don't know much to tell that's not in my profile link.
fireresq: oh ok
fireresq: anything u want know about me
rowan: What ya doing talking to someone 11 years older than you?
fireresq: i like older women
rowan: Why is that?
fireresq: no games and they know what they want
rowan: I don't know if that is the case for all "older" women.
fireresq: ok what is it in your case then
rowan: Well, I don't play games, and I'm not 100% on what I want, but I'm pretty sure what I don't want.
fireresq: what dont u want
rowan: Players, posers, scrubs. Dishonest people, people with no job, no money, who are possessive, demanding. People who don't take care of themselves.
fireresq: i ssee
fireresq: so i am fucked then huh
rowan: That's an interesting statement.
fireresq: not the way i would like to be
fireresq: i have money just not right now since i not working
rowan: I'm not interested in money. I have my own. I'm just not interested in giving it away.
fireresq: ok
fireresq: i dont think i am a player i just looking for fun
rowan: Define fun.
fireresq: anything
rowan: Playing in puddles? Robbing liquor stores? Eating bananas upside down?
fireresq: movies, hanging out, anything outdoors, anything physical
rowan: Physical as in exercise, or physical as in knocking boots?
fireresq: either
fireresq: i like both
: which would u prefer

(I knew it... another pervert.)

rowan: I'm not anti-sex, but it's not what life's all about.
: i know but i cant do much while hurt if u know waht i mean

(Oh, he wants a sympathy hump.)

rowan: I've never had a broken ankle, thank God, but I don't imagine that it would be easy to do much at all.
rowan: When did you break it?
fireresq: last tuesday
fireresq: i had surgery thurday to put everything back in place
fireresq: guess u could say i am somewhat a nympho
rowan: Oh, so you like mermaids.
fireresq: mermaids?
rowan: They're part fish, part human.
fireresq: y u say i like that
: They're nymphatic.

(Well, they're nymph-like.)
fireresq: i just saying i like sex
fireresq: i like variety
rowan: So would you say, then, that you like a variety of sex?
fireresq: i like sex with different people, positions, etc
rowan: That sounds rather much like a game to me.
fireresq: no
fireresq: can i add u to my list
fireresq: i need go lay down
rowan: You go lay down, and think about how you're contradicting yourself, and when you come back, write me a 500 word essay on the difference between being a player and a nympho.
fireresq: do what
fireresq: i am not in school anymore
: y udeny my adding u

(Where on earth would you get THAT idea?)

fireresq: or would u rathe me said i would like to have sex with u in every position and in different places
rowan: Oh wow - that's exactly what I wanted you to say! How did you know?!
fireresq: smart ass
rowan: Thank you. I would say I work hard at it, but it comes naturally.
fireresq: lol
fireresq: i was serious about the sec with u thing
: sex*

(He was probably pretty close with the first spelling.  A sec is about how he would last.)

rowan: I'm not doubting your sincerity.
fireresq: just not interested
rowan: Well which is it, you do or you don't?
fireresq: i do i am asking if u do
rowan: If I do what?
: interested in the sex thing

(Is she that transparent? Oh baby, oh baby, She wants you She needs you! )
(Oh yeah, babe... whoo!)

rowan: Sure, sex with a complete stranger has always been a fantasy of mine.
fireresq: u being a smart ass a gain
rowan: I gain a lot from being a smart ass.
fireresq: either yes or no would be nice
rowan: Do you really, seriously think that after a 10 minute conversation on yahoo with someone I know absolutely nothing about, that I am going to say "Yes, oh yes!" I want to have sex with you!" Honestly.
fireresq: i give up
: i need go lay down

(One down, 6 billion male chauvinist pigs to go.)

Posted at 09:42 am by Rowan
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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Volunteer

 rowan: I was outside.
 trenton: oh hey what's up
 rowan: Not much, just playing with the pets. What's going on?
 trenton: cool chilling out... bored actually
 rowan: I'm far from bored, but not really excited about what I have to do, which is cleaning house and doing laundry.
 trenton: fun... i'll bet u could use a hand
 rowan: Oh yeah, definitely.
 trenton: really? looking for volunteers?
 rowan: Sure, wanna help me wash dishes and clean up ferret poop?
 trenton: hehe ... ok, sure, why not?
 trenton: then i can give you a good long relaxing massage afterwards right? hehe
 rowan: Sure. You like big girls? I weigh 245 pounds.
 trenton: yea ok
 rowan : Groovy.

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Graham Gump

graham: Hello, 20\m\wv "Bluefield" w\ cam
graham: how r u?
Rowan: Fine, thanks. How may I help you?
graham: r u interested in some young ""Dick""??
graham: i'm looking for some fun
Rowan: What's with the double quotes?
graham: nuttin
graham: just askin if u would like to play 2night??
Rowan: I'm pretty good at Scrabble.
graham: lol
graham: u know what i mean
Rowan: Well, no. I lost my psychic abilities in Vietnam.
graham: vietnam?
graham: how old r u?
Rowan: It's a whole other country.
Rowan: Didn't you read my profile?
graham: nope
Rowan: Then why did you send me a message?
graham: cuz i'm looking for a blfd lady that is interested in some sex
Rowan: Thanks for the update. But you still didn't answer my question.

(At this point, I decided to look at graham's profile.  He went on for a few lines about some chick named Jennie that he was still in love with and hoped to have a second chance with.)

Rowan: Does Jennie know you're soliciting sex from older women over the internet?

(The Boychild took over here.)

Rowan: I bet Jennie does know. In fact. I think I've seen her in that there movie called Forrest Gump. Jennie's in there. But it's spelled different. I think they were trying to hide her actual name to the public. Figure they are trying to make some money. After all, actors hardly ever use their real names in show business. So I'm guess that she wanted to but due to some government issue... Most likely dealing with men that ask around looking for sex.. causes them to change the spelling of the name. For you see, people usually go by their original names. Most don't like their names so they come up with Nicknames. Nicknames are names given to a person due to a certain action. Or a look even. It's rather different depending on the person. But I'm sure Jennie knows all about that.
Rowan: And that's all I know about that.

I can't imagine why he didn't reply.

Posted at 09:30 pm by Rowan
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Monday, May 02, 2005

U got more pics?

steve23: what is up, i am from ------
rowan: Not much, just messing around in paint shop. What's up with you?
steve23: just bored and chillen, u got some pics?
rowan: There's one right there on my profile.
steve23: any otgher ones
rowan: Why?
steve23: just curious
rowan: About what?
steve23: what ya look like
rowan: Well, I look exactly like that picture of me.
steve23: i mean what ur body looks like
rowan: Well, it's green and scaly, but I've got a nice ointment to put on it.
steve23: that is sexy.......lol i had the same condition
steve23: i didnlt mean lik send me naked pics, i just meant a pic that shows ur body

Keep both hands on the keyboard at all times.

rowan: Is that so?
steve23: yeah
rowan: Why?
steve23: cause i am curious
steve23: so does that mena u have more pics?
rowan: I think it's a little early in the relationship to be asking for body shots, clothed or not. We'll have to get married first. How's tomorrow for you?
steve23: yeah i'll pick u up at 7
rowan: Why does it matter about my body shape, anyway? You want a date? A maid? A phrenologist?
steve23: date
steve23: a date that dresses like a maid
steve23: no wiat that is too common,
rowan: Man, I just threw away that maid outfit.
steve23: a date that dresses like a phrenologist

Twenty bucks says he doesn't even know what a phrenologist IS.

rowan: Wow - how did you know?!
steve23: i am good like that
rowan: You must be.
rowan: Damn, guess that witness protection thing isn't working out. And I really didn't want to move to Alaska. *sigh*
steve23: lol, u have a good sense of humor
rowan: Why thank you. That's what my psychiatrist says.
rowan: So how old are you, then, 23?
steve23: yeha almost 24
rowan: What on earth do you want with someone 12 years your senior?
steve23: a date
rowan: C'mon, surely a nice looking fellow like yourself would be more interested in someone closer to his own age.
steve23: i like all ages
rowan: That's very politically correct of you.
steve23: no prob, what abt you, do you like younger men
rowan: Age is irrelevant. It's mental acuity that is more important.
steve23: so what are u looking for
rowan: Eliza Dushku. Barring that, I'd settle for Denzel Washington.
steve23: she is soooo hot
rowan: Alternatively, I'd consider someone who could install a car stereo.
steve23: so, are u seeing anyone?
rowan: I was, but they gave me pills for that, and now, only the squirrels talk to me.
steve23: lol
rowan: They keep telling me to kill my boss, but I don't listen to them.
steve23: hahaha
steve23: anyway
rowan: Anyway, no, I am not seeing anyone.
steve23: lol
steve23: and u never really answered abt ur pics
rowan: Sure, I have all kinds of pictures.
steve23: of yourself?
rowan: Yes, all three of me.
steve23: will u send them please
rowan: The secret, Grasshopper, lies in the profile. Seek the link. And sleep with the light on tonight.
rowan: Good luck, and good night.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Care to eavesdrop?

This particular convo isn't textbook Q-tips material, as it's a conversation between myself and The Girlchild.  But it's funny, so I thought I'd stick it in here.

rowan: :-O
rowan: You're up before noon!
organickitten: shocking i know
rowan: Ain't kiddin'.
rowan: Feel like chicken tonight?
rowan: Feel like *eating* chicken tonight, I mean.  I hope you don't feel like chicken.
rowan: You'd be all feathery.
rowan: And clucking.  Oh dear, I don't think I could handle the clucking.
rowan: It would be amusing to see you pecking at the ground, though.
organickitten: ..................
rowan: =P~
organickitten: i'm not a chicken
rowan: I didn't say you were.
rowan: You didn't answer my question.
rowan: ¿Deseas el pollo para su comida?
organickitten: yes chicken is fine
rowan: Okay.
rowan: ¡Chingado!  ¡Hablo espanol!
organickitten: ¡Mi Pija es roja en la cocina!
rowan: ¿Solamente in la cocina?  ¿Que color es su pija en el dormitorio?
rowan: ¿O en el bano?
organickitten: Anaranjado, y violeta.
rowan: Ooo... ¡que bueno!
rowan: I just told Tommy that the earth isn't really filled with lava, it's red jello.
rowan: He's going into another of his theories, and I'm just throwing stupid at him, in hopes that he will shut up, but the Silver Fox keeps on talking to him.
organickitten: it's not lava it's flowing rock.  duh
rowan: No, he said that the earth isn't really solid like we think.
rowan: Well doh!
organickitten: oi veah.
rowan: He wants to put a copper pipe all the way into the center of the earth to generate heat.  "Heat must - and it's an absolute must when I say this - travel from lower to higher"
rowan: Blah, blah, blah.
organickitten: umm...the copper pipe would melt tommy dear
rowan: I told him that.  He said, "Not if you didn't put it all the way in the saliva."
rowan: SALIVA.  He actually said it.  Twice.
rowan: Did you know there was saliva in the center of the earth?
organickitten: Saliva.   He's been standing next to too many microwaves while he was trying to figure out how they work.  He's fried his brain.
rowan: LMAO
rowan: This convo should go in someone's blog.  The world should not be deprived of this.
organickitten: lol
rowan: Yah, the entire convo.  Make people translate the spanish.
organickitten: how could you put a copper pipe down to the "saliva"?  if you're just using a standard copper pipe, you would have to make a really really long one and it would be all bendy and stuff and how the heck would you get high enough in the air to get it down in the hole?  you'd have to go to freakin mars with a walkie talkie and yell "here it comes!" and start pushing it from there!
rowan: Let me propose that.  Or maybe I shouldn't... he'll surely have a 20 minute dissertation.
organickitten: lol
rowan: Tengo hambre. Necesito algo comer.
organickitten: and how would you dig the hole? there would have to be alot of money to go towards it, cuz you gotta have equipment that won't melt easily because it's gonna get hotter than hell down there and i highly doubt Tommy boy has 14 million bucks or so lying around
rowan: *giggles*
rowan: Maybe he's like MacGyver.  He'd only need a pen spring and a dildo.
rowan: I mean q-tip! 

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Sunday, November 09, 2003

If someone types asl one more time...

I absolutely and with a passion hate to get a private message and someone say "asl?"  I mean, that is just rude!  Plus, it's on my profile.  Take thirty seconds to look at it before you page me, moron.  That's what profiles are for!  This guy, at least, asked how I was first, but most of them, it's just beep!  asl?  Unfortunately for majed , he came along right when I had decided that if one more person said asl, I was going to go off the deep end.

rowan : hello
majed : how r u
rowan : Not bad, and you?
majed : i'm fine
majed : a.s.l
rowan : Asian sign language? Aardvarks sipping lemonade?
majed : what
rowan : You asked first.
majed : yes
majed : i asked u a.s.l
rowan : Yes, and I was trying to figure out what that meant. A small leopard? Ants smell leafy?
majed : ok
majed : a means ur age..s mean r u male or female..l mean where do u live
rowan : Oh, why didn't you say so! We could have saved a lot of time.
majed : ok
majed : tell me

rowan : I'm 57. I'm a female. And I live in a trailer.


Hmm...can't imagine why he left.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Return of Wildman

wildman69: why hello

rowan: hello yourself.

wildman69: so where u been cutie ;)

wildman69: did u ever get my pic/

rowan: nowhere special

rowan: nope - let me check my email

wildman69: ok sure

wildman69: I was w/ a cute fat brown kitty kat beside of fireplace, lol

rowan: You sent it to *****@yahoo.com?

wildman69: yes I t will be from a mudslide69 though, lol


He sure likes that number, doesn’t he?


wildman69: I wanna see yours too ;)

rowan: I didn't get it.  hmm...  Try again?

wildman69: oh darn will u send me yours while I am looking/ hehehe

rowan: haha - good try!  How do I know you'll send me yours?

wildman69: oh I promise darlin, so are we close in area?

wildman69: :)

rowan: What year were you born?

rowan: You said ******, right?

wildman69: 74 doll

wildman69: yes

rowan: Ah ha, so that means the "69" in your name isn't for the year you were born.

rowan: I'm in *****.

wildman69: why yes, hehe

wildman69: cool perhaps we can get together and have some fun ;)

wildman69: lol

rowan: I'm not so sure your definition of fun and my definition of fun are in the same dictionary.

wildman69: mmmmmm so what are u looking for, hehe

rowan: not anything involving the number 69, that's for sure!

wildman69: awwwww so we wouldn't get to fooking fuk, lol

wildman69: :P

rowan: Huh?  Fingers trip over the keyboard, or is that supposed to mean something?

wildman69: why yes u know sex u aren't looking for it?

wildman69: me like it :D


I just got this image in my head of a monkey scratching under its arms and grunting. 


rowan: I'm sure that you do.  And no, I'm not looking for sex, sorry to disappoint you.

wildman69: awwwwww ok just friendship?

rowan: It's been my experience that you can't be "just friends" with a guy who wants to bone you.  Sorry.

wildman69: lol

wildman69: awwwwwww k I havn't even seen your pic but im sure i would like ;)

rowan: Tha's why I don't send out pics;)

wildman69: awwwwwwwww, hehehe

wildman69: k i m sorry babe I guess we are looking for differant things, me and my g/f have been broke up for 3 months :(


Oh, well why didn’t you say so?!  That changes everything!  *rolls eyes*


wildman69: I guess im looking for relationship of fun! lol

rowan: Yep, guess so.  Sorry for the breakup.  Incidentally, a bit of advice... the "69" in your name is a dead giveaway to girls that have half a brain, so if you're wanting to dupe someone, you should take that out.

wildman69: ok ty doll I just might ;)

wildman69: hehe

wildman69: k have to get offline for now but talk later .........

rowan: You keep thinking that.  Peace.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Dill the Porn Producer

one&onlydill: what does your SN mean

rowan: It's from a book about witches.

rowan: What does yours mean?

one&onlydill: ahhh

one&onlydill: my nickname is dill and i see that alot and i believe i should be the only one

one&onlydill: lol

rowan: LOL  Dill as in pickles?

one&onlydill: yup

rowan: Yummy.  hehe...

one&onlydill: well i have been know to...


Know to what?  Leave letters out of words?


one&onlydill: :D

one&onlydill: lol

one&onlydill: did you get what i put last

rowan: Yes, I did.

one&onlydill: :-P

rowan: hehehe...  So watcha do there in Norfolk?

one&onlydill: im a porn producer


Yeah.  And I’m Chelsea Clinton.


one&onlydill: u

rowan: What a coincidence.  I like ham.

one&onlydill: huh?

rowan: It's nutritious, and it comes from pigs.

one&onlydill: missed me

rowan: How can I miss you if you won't go away?

one&onlydill: ok


          Ain’t I a stinker?

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