I like to get in Yahoo chat rooms from time to time and chat a bit. But when you're female, you're bound to get the not-so-occasional sex freak who wants to... well, use your imagination. It used to annoy the heck out of me. I mean, who do they think they're fooling with the 69 in their usernames? But I started looking forward to getting messages from weirdos. Why? Because they're so darn fun to mess with! And of course, you just can't keep insanity like that to yourself, so... for your viewing pleasure:


Note: Names have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".


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Friday, July 29, 2005

A male from West Virginia... what are the odds?!

bikerman: Hello there ,I am a male from wv!
ROWAN: Hi! I'm a female from hell!
bikerman: lol i hear ya!!
bikerman: i seen you was on thought i would say hello!
ROWAN: Do we know each other?
bikerman: no i dont think so
ROWAN: Oh, the way you said it, I thought I must be on your list or something.
bikerman: no i just seen you on line !
ROWAN: I see.
bikerman: I live between hinton and athens
bikerman: i am 44 male !
bikerman: married male that is lol
ROWAN: Congratulations.
ROWAN: Incidentally, your profile says you are 47.
bikerman: lol just about forgot lol
bikerman: where are you?
ROWAN: In my bedroom.
ROWAN: What did you just about forget?
bikerman: cool nice to meet ya!
bikerman: about me been married! lol
ROWAN: You forgot you were married?
bikerman: just kidding!
ROWAN: Swell.
bikerman: you married? kids?
ROWAN: I'm divorced, have two teenagers.
bikerman: cool!
bikerman: well nice to meet ya!
ROWAN: Likewise.
bikerman: where in wv you live if i may ask!
ROWAN: Bluefield
bikerman: cool not to far from me!
ROWAN: Not too.
bikerman: i am that way some!
ROWAN: Is that so?
bikerman: yep
bikerman: can i add ya?
bikerman: hell i dont know lol
bikerman: just thought i would ask! but thats ok!
ROWAN: I don't add people unless I know them fairly well. I'm paranoid, and don't like to be watched. Comes from all those years in the CIA.
bikerman: i understand!
ROWAN: Parle vouz Francais?
bikerman: do what??
ROWAN: Okay, I guess not.
bikerman: ok
ROWAN: So what made you want to talk to me?
bikerman: well i seen you on line
bikerman: and your a female lol
ROWAN: I am? Oh yeah... I forgot.
bikerman: lol i hear ya!
ROWAN: You have good hearing!
bikerman: well i have to go nice talking to ya! hope to talk to ya again!
ROWAN: Highly doubtful, I'm having my tongue split.
bikerman: ok cool!

Posted at 08:49 pm by Rowan

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