I like to get in Yahoo chat rooms from time to time and chat a bit. But when you're female, you're bound to get the not-so-occasional sex freak who wants to... well, use your imagination. It used to annoy the heck out of me. I mean, who do they think they're fooling with the 69 in their usernames? But I started looking forward to getting messages from weirdos. Why? Because they're so darn fun to mess with! And of course, you just can't keep insanity like that to yourself, so... for your viewing pleasure:


Note: Names have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".


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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wine me, dine me, 69 me.

rowan : I'm a little old for you, don't you think?
 athleticdude69 : nah, getting caught up on age is superficial in my opinion
 athleticdude69 : why, what do u think?
 rowan : I think that maturity has a lot to do with it.
 athleticdude69 : i concur.....however, i feel as if im mature as any 30 year old i speak with
 athleticdude69 : so its no issue with me
 rowan : Well, I've got five years on you. And, I have a girlfriend.

That was just a tiny little fib.  I don't really have a girlfriend.

 athleticguy69_webcam : 5 years is nothing
 athleticguy69_webcam : are you bisexual?
 rowan : Yes.
 athleticguy69_webcam : you have incredibly sexy eyes
 athleticguy69_webcam : and the tongue ring is always enticing
 rowan : You're just looking to get laid. 
 athleticguy69_webcam : to make new friends...that never hurts though?
 athleticguy69_webcam : not judgemental are we
 rowan : No, just perceptive. Remember your profile pic? And gee, the 69_webcam is a dead giveaway.

Why don't they just say "I like oral sex and I want to show you my penis on webcam."?  At least you'd know they were honest.

 athleticguy69_webcam : didnt like the pic ?
 rowan : Did I say anything about liking or not liking it? Anyone who isn't trying to get a piece of ass wouldn't put a pic like that on their profile.
 athleticguy69_webcam : you have some truth im not going to lie...its also a good attention getter though
 athleticguy69_webcam : back to my question, did u like it?
 rowan : Do you think I do?
 athleticguy69_webcam : yea i do now, otherwise you wouldve already said no lol
 rowan : I'm not rude. 
 athleticguy69_webcam : so you didnt...?
 rowan : I don't like those type of pics. I feel you should know someone before you see them half naked.
 athleticguy69_webcam : oh...im just more laid back with nudity...its no big deal anywhere in the world except u.s.
 rowan : You should have a little more respect for other people. 
 athleticguy69_webcam : yes ma'am, all you had to say was not interested
 rowan : I told you. You didn't listen. Sorry.

Posted at 05:04 pm by Rowan

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